Let Car Protect help you avoid costly repair bills, and give you peace of mind motoring

Car Protect can cover your vehicle and Keep you Motoring. Car Protect could help you avoid having to pay that big repair bill, and save you the inconvenience that comes with it.

For added peace of mind why not consider Car Protect’s Breakdown cover. If you breakdown by the side of the road we will get your vehicle to a Car Protect nominated repairer, and from there let Car Protect’s claims advisors handle your claim.

Join a growing number of motorists who already have the cover of a Car Protect Warranty and the Peace of Mind that comes with it.

Our Cover

With several levels of cover designed to suit your budget, why not join the growing number of motorists who have already put their unexpected motoring costs behind them.

You may benefit from talking to one of Car Protect's Executives who can explain in detail the advantages of cover. Should you wish to purchase the cover they can sign you up there and then.